A Wide Variety of Information

Collected On, Over and Under the Water

The FishViews whole-systems approach to waterway mapping offers a suite of comprehensive hydrologic services. Working in aquatic environments takes specialized skills and equipment, and our highly skilled staff will bring innovative solutions to your aquatic survey needs. Whether it’s an early-stage field investigation, a site-specific research study or a long-term monitoring project of an entire waterway, our FishViews team provides the experience and tools to deliver visually compelling, integrated engineering solutions to waterway surveys.

FishViews Collection Technology

Our collection platform is tailor-made for gathering imagery and data above and below the water. Flexibility and ruggedness allow for deployment in a wide variety of waterways, with customizable protocols for data collection. Multiple communication channels and data loggers allow for tailored collection of diverse, high-quality aquatic information. A robust, integrated data storage system and power supply allows for extended survey periods. Data is collected in a ready-made distribution format for quick processing and multi-mode presentation of panoramic FishView tours.

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