Location Awareness and Contextual Data are Paramount to our Solutions. We use our Immersive GIS SmartMapping Technology to Create a Unique Platform for your Data.

Fish Habitat Surveys

Habitat is fundamental to fish populations. FishViews has extensive experience conducting fish habitat use and distribution studies. In addition to benthic macroinvertebrate surveys, and hydrologic and sediment transport modeling, we specialize in salmonid habitat quantification and assessment.




In order to assess populations of adult salmonids and other freshwater fishes FishViews can assist you with planning, installing, and operating adult and juvenile fish weirs. We conduct surveys of spawning populations in rivers using rafts or aerial surveys by UAV. Additionally we conduct snorkel surveys. FishViews employs mark recapture studies for population estimation. We can work with you and your partners to design the best population assessment program in order to meet your data needs.



Salmonids have complex life histories and FishViews has the experience to assess the behavior of these fish for each of these critical phases. FishViews can gather important data regarding migration timing, spawning behavior, and sample carcasses for the important biologic information they provide. We are skilled at collecting information about salmon incubation and emergence. We study juvenile behavior and their bio-energetics in streams and lakes. Additionally FishViews can track juvenile seaward migration and behavior in the estuarine and nearshore environments.



FishViews is  knowledgeable and experienced working within regulatory environments. We expedite the needs and goals of our clients by navigating the necessary federal, state and local regulatory actions. We believe permitting applications are more than just checking the right boxes. We help create strategies, build coalitions and advocate for the support of decision makers. We specialize in Endangered and Threatened Species Act related permitting surrounding listed salmonids. FishViews conducts population viability analyses, consults on habitat conservation plans, and can assess threats from environmental sources, human activities, and climate change.



FishViews specializes in turning your data into compelling messages for the digital world. We strive to ensure your message rises above the noise and can be heard. FishViews works with clients to develop clear and effective communication. With the use of photographic, videographic, data visualization, and social media FishViews helps create effective messaging. Whether its a collaborative campaign with multiple stakeholders or local community outreach and education programs FishViews approach is unique.