EarthViews recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that funded Phase I of our mapping project; mapping the Puget Sound Nearshore from Seattle to Olympia. Now we are expanding to the next Phases of the project with the goal of mapping the entire Puget Sound Nearshore!

We are seeking input and conversations with stakeholders and those who are passionate about helping conserve Puget Sound.

Phase I Survey Reach Map, Blue Lines have been Mapped – Click to Explore.

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Puget Sound is a critical estuary in the Pacific Northwest and home to the City of Seattle, Orca’s, salmon, oysters, clams and hundreds of other important marine species. However Puget Sound is in trouble. Water quality is diminishing and help is needed to conserve and recover this amazing and important waterway.

Duckabush estuary map Hood Canal.

At EarthViews we believe in the need to think creatively about connecting people directly to critical aquatic ecosystems, in pursuit of environmental preservation, and endangered habitat and species recovery. Our mission is to create better more comprehensive maps of shorelines and waterways, raising the bar on the type of information that can be captured, stored and shared. The hope is that these maps will raise awareness across the board to help recover and protect these critically important species and habitats.

Port of Seattle Duwamish map.

EarthViews is applying our creativity and passion to mapping the Nearshore of Puget Sound. Please follow along on our journey to map the entire 1200 miles or get in touch if you would like to help or have ideas about some of the priority areas that need to be mapped.