Our Vision – Connect everyone with the rivers, coasts and shores of the world.


FishViews Founders

Scott Gallagher - CEO/Business Development

Former US Navy Carrier Pilot, Squadron Commander and TOPGUN graduate. Executive roles in State, Municipal and Small Business organizations. Adept at managing large budgets, growing business, and turning great ideas into realities.

Brian Footen - President/Environmental Science

Fishery Research Scientist; Federal, State and Tribal Agencies. Dual M.S. Fishery and Enviro Science, U Washington and Evergreen State College. Multiple Publications.

Rob Crampton - Engineering/Technology

B.S. Atmospheric Science. M.S. Enviro Engineering. PhD Enviro Health. U Washington. Designing, constructing, programming and deploying remote sensing air monitoring mobile platforms.

Scott Goodwin - Information Technology

15+ years Computer Science experience. Programming, network engineering, scripting and automation, software testing, and Linux and Windows server administration. Recently, three years as IT Manager and Build Engineer for Mimic Technologies Inc., a major surgical simulation company in Seattle, WA.

Courtney Gallagher - Marketing Director

Former F/A-18 pilot in the Navy with a B.S in Business from Cornell University and M.S. in Technology Commercialization (MSTC) at the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.


FishViews Technical Advisors

John B. Mickett - Oceanographer

A sea-going physical oceanographer with extensive technical and field experience. Dr. Mickett has participated in or led more than 40 oceanographic research cruises over the past 14 years. He is presently a Senior Oceanagrapher at the Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington.

David Yu - Programming/Developer

Programmer developer working in database development and visualization technologies for private environmental firms.


FishViews Business Development Advisors

Isaac Peachin - Product and Marketing

Over 15 yrs Product Management and Online Marketing expertise; proven track record delivering results in ecommerce and digital media. Includes four years at Amazon delivering double digit growth for Amazon MP3 customer acquisition, and leading product marketing for Amazon multi-billion dollar affiliate marketing channel across 20+ retail categories.

Fernando Leal - Entrepreneur in Web Enabled Ventures

Fernando Leal has been a life long entrepreneur who acquired his first business at 19 and is currently the Managing Partner of Extraprenuer LLC and Founder of TelleCast, Inc. Extrapreneur LLC invests, incubates and advises early stage technology concepts. TelleCast Inc. is a self publishing technology company in the pre-launch phase with patents pending.

John Kroll - Governmental Affairs Professional

Experienced state tax and governmental affairs consultant with over 23 years experience. Developer of a proprietary econometric model used by multiple private and public sector organizations, including the Texas Governor's Office of Economic Development to quantify the economic and fiscal impact of projects in Texas and the United States. Specialties Include: Governmental Affairs, State and Local Tax Compliance, Economic Impact Analysis, Land Development Incentives, Site Selection, Regulatory Representation, Homeland Security Technology, Sales and Use Tax Policy and Regulatory Compliance.